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INTERPLAST is a group of like-minded people. The group shares a spirit for redistributing medical resources through direct care of persons who do not have access to surgery, the education of the professionals already involved, and the development of valid research applicable to improving these conditions. The interchange of resources has been a focal point of over 1,000 humanitarian surgery trips by 1,000's of dedicated professionals. Interplasts do not consist of a formal central organization and there is no formal rule book. Rather, the quality control is the highest because of the quality and expertise of the members. The high standards derive from the eminent personal and professional standards of the individual. 

Our Founder

   Interplast was founded in 1969 by Dr. Donald R. Laub, a professor of surgery at Stanford University School of Medicine. He had a peak experience after operating on Antonio, a 13 year old boy from Mexico who was born with cleft-lip.  The life changing effects that the surgery had on Antonio inspired Dr. Laub to start an organization that offers free surgery to those who don't have access to it around the world.

Interplast Charter

  1. The Interplast charter is to help the children of the world who have no access to reconstructive plastic surgery.

  2. To be the best plastic surgery voluntary group in the world.

  3. To raise the social consciousness of participants to a point of "flow", (zoning) or zeal.

  4. To be used as a model for other such groups in plastic and reconstructive surgery, in other disciplines, and in the fields that are other than medical.

  5. To exert some influence favoring more collaborations between countries.

Our Founder
Interplast Charter
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